serving Club members and owners of Classic and Collectable Cars,      Motorcycles and Light Commercials which are 25 years and older.

Celebrating 25 years of Classic Motoring in 2014.

The most active classic car club in Lincolnshire

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If you own a vehicle which was manufactured before 1st January 1960 and do not intend to obtain an MOT certificate for it, claiming exemption, you must complete a Form V112 and present it when taxing the vehicle at the Post Office. (We understand that exempt vehicles can now only be taxed at the Post Office however I am awaiting clarification from the the DVLA as to whether an exempt vehicle can still be taxed online without completing Form V112.)

Click here to download Form V112


 Please Note:  Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the show opening hours stated on this website are correct and the locations shown on the calendar and maps are accurate, no responsibility will be accepted should such information ultimately be proved to be incorrect. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to check with the Show Organiser or Co-ordinator, or on the Show entry form that the times and locations are correct.

Website updated 15th April 2014